Water Softener

The Top Name for Water Softener in Noblesville, IN

Water softeners filter water in a way that removes minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. These minerals can negatively impact both the home and bodies of those who use and consume them regularly. At Plumbing Doctors, we offer the best solutions to local area residents who need a water softener in Noblesville, IN.

Once you schedule a professional water softener installation and repair, our crew will begin by removing the previous water softener system in your home. The new one is then installed in a way that satisfies the permit requirements set out by local ordinances. Once this is complete, the work site will be cleaned and the installer may explain the operations of the system to the homeowner.

Benefits of Water Softener

Your plumber in Noblesville, IN, from Plumbing Doctors will make sure that you make the most of your water softener. Expect:

Better Tasting Water

Professional water softener installation and repair can lead to better-tasting water. The harmful minerals and materials in unfiltered water can give it a metallic or 'earthy' taste. Some people may prefer softer water because they don't taste of fluoride and other chemical additives.

Healthier Hair

Even if you're using top-notch hair products, hard and unfiltered water can cause your hair to become dull, brittle, and physically unappealing. It can also dry it out quickly. These won’t be a problem with a water softener.

Better Working Pipes and Appliances

Water conditioning services can do good for so much more than the taste of water and the health of hair. Hard water causes scale buildup on the plumbing system and appliances in the home. It also makes it harder for these items to be cleaned.

Clean Dishes

Water purification services can do wonders for your dishes. Hard and unfiltered water can leave streaks and residue on your dishes even after you've washed them. It can also give your glass dishes a foggy look and make it easier for food to stick to plates and bowls.

Signs You Need Water Filtration

  • Smelly Water - Unfiltered water is overtaken by chemicals, heavy metals, and contaminants that give your tap water an unpleasant smell. This smell, which is often described as being metallic or sulfur-like, can turn guests from wanting to drink or use the water.
  • Old Home - Many modern homes already have the required equipment needed to provide a decent water supply. However, if your home was built before the year 1986, you should consider getting water treatment services right away. Otherwise, you may be at risk of lead poisoning since older homes have outdated equipment that isn't capable of filtering our harmful minerals.
  • Stained Clothes - Hard water can leave stubborn stains behind on your laundry machines and clothes. If you want to save your clothes, make an investment in a new water filtration system right away.

Trust Only Plumbing Doctors

The Plumbing Doctors have been providing water treatment services for our beloved clients for 7 years. We set ourselves apart from other providers by offering competitive pricing, 18-month financing, and 24-hour service for plumbing emergencies. In addition, we go above and beyond to show our clients that they are cared for, respected, and valued by our team.

If you need assistance with your water softener, contact Plumbing Doctors today. Call our team or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.