Factors to Consider Before HVAC Installation

HVAC system being installed Fishers, IN

Many considerations need to be mulled over before an HVAC installation procedure: the size of the house, home layout and how many rooms, how much air exchange is desired in those rooms, and how close they are to the outside environment.

As the trusted name for HVAC Repair in Fishers, IN, we also want to make sure our customers get started on the right foot with their HVAC systems. Below are the top factors you need to consider before an HVAC installation.

Amount of Air Exchange

There are two types of air exchangers to consider for an HVAC installation: supply and return. An HVAC system’s air supply is first drawn outside to cool or dehumidify the home. Excess supply air goes back to the outside for ventilation, essential for indoor air quality. Return air is then used through ducts to heat or cool different parts of your home.

The House Layout

It is essential to look at the layout of your home to identify how the ducts will pass through it. The ductwork should be installed for those who want quality air in every room, so contaminants cannot reach their intended spaces. HVAC system installations can use supply and return AC ductwork to distribute hot water throughout the home.

Room Air Exchange Requirement

The total number of air exchange openings and the supply air volume required for the home are two more factors to consider. HVAC replacement should be done with high-quality air exchangers, which will reduce energy loss and help maintain indoor air quality. For example, a two-story house may require a ducted fan that draws supply air from the attic to blow it through the living space and out to the home’s exterior.

Duct Leakage

One of the most overlooked parts of HVAC installation is duct leakage. It is essential to determine if there are any areas where the ductwork can be crushed or damaged. HVAC maintenance also includes inspecting the ducts to ensure they are correctly installed, with no holes or leaks.

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